Helping Hand - The Gift of Giving

Increasingly, our guests are taking an interest in the people and environment of the communities in which they travel. Whether this is a result of globalization, increased coverage by the worldwide media, or individual bouts of conscience, our guests have begun asking for ways in which they can help.

Responding to this philanthropic spirit, Travel is SWELL has developed “Helping Hand,” a unique program developed as a result of our guests’ growing interest in assisting in various charitable outreach efforts providing opportunities to volunteer for half a day or more, and assist communities located within close proximity to their hotels.

Wherever you decide to go with us, Travel is SWELL can make your journey even more special by incorporating a visit to a conservation or community organization in your itinerary. You can lend a “Helping Hand” in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

We can arrange for you to visit trusted non-profits in all of our destinations, incorporate eco tourism resorts to stay at night, or make service work a small part of a comprehensive trip.

These opportunities are guaranteed to humble and thrill you, and to make you feel that you didn’t just see a place, but became part of it.