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It is simple to apply for a Passport. Simply visit the United States Department of State web site for instruction on how to apply, and learn about the steps required to apply for or renew your U.S. passport. You can also fill out or download your application form while you are there.

A Travel Questionnaire is a form used by travel agents to collect vital information to include your personal travel profile and other pertinent information that will help travel agents match you with the perfect vacation and make sure you never miss out on an incredible deal personalized for you.

If you feel the travel agent is really drawing out your heart desires and listening to you by making suggestions that click with you, you’re in the hands of a good travel agent.


Our agency accepts personal checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, debit and charge cards are accepted. Depending on your card type a payment fee may apply.

Yes we do, provided that a credit card authorization form is submitted by the credit card holder – in addition to his or her credit card.

When the itemized components are sold for more than the purchase price of each component, the travel agent is required to collect tax on the sales price of the taxable components. The travel agent may take a credit of tax previously paid for the taxable components that are separately itemized at a sales price greater than the purchase price of the component.


Travel is SWELL and its parent company, Travel is SWELL, Inc., proudly servers over 183 destinations in 93 countries worldwide. Learn more about our destinations.

Travel is SWELL and Travel is SWELL, Inc., offers several unforgettable, luxurious and fun-filled destinations where you don’t need one. Visit places like Alaska, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands, Hawaii and the Florida Keys. Learn more about our passport-free destinations.

Whether we’ve been there ourselves or we know customers who have, it’s always worth getting a bit of insight into what you can do while you’re on vacation. From unusual activities such as scuba diving or road biking, right through to cultural days out or evening trips – each destination has its specific attractions and may even offer something that you never expected! Take a look at activities and fun things to do at each destination.


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