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We have gathered a list of the most commonly asked questions about Our Guided Tours:

What are escorted and guided tours?

Escorted and guided tours are organized travel experiences where a tour operator or guide leads a group of travelers to various destinations, providing assistance and information throughout the trip.

Are escorted and guided tours suitable for individuals with autism?

Yes, escorted and guided tours can be suitable for individuals with autism, especially if the tour operator offers accommodations and support for special needs. Travel is SWELL’s tours are guided by certified travel concierges, and are specially designed to accommodate individual with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

How can I find escorted and guided tours that are autism-friendly?

Discover the perfect solution for autism-friendly tours right here at Travel is SWELL. Our tours are thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind, offering specialized services like trained staff, sensory-friendly activities, and flexible itineraries to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free experience for everyone.

What accommodations can I expect on an autism-friendly escorted tour?

Our autism-friendly escorted tours may offer smaller group sizes, sensory-friendly activities, access to quiet spaces, and knowledgeable staff trained in autism awareness.

Can I request special assistance or accommodations for my family member with autism on the tour?

Yes, most tour operators, to include Travel is SWELL, are willing to accommodate special requests and provide assistance for individuals with autism. It’s best to communicate your needs in advance.

How can I prepare my family member with autism for an escorted tour?

Prepare them by using visual schedules, social stories, and discussing what to expect during the tour. Familiarize them with the tour itinerary and destinations.

Are there age restrictions or requirements for participating in escorted tours?

Some tours may have age restrictions or specific requirements. Check with our sensory travel specialists or travel concierges to ensure our tour are suitable for your family member.

Can I bring sensory tools or comfort items for my family member on the tour?

Yes, you can bring sensory tools, comfort items, and familiar objects for your family member’s comfort during the tour.

What should I do if my family member experiences sensory overload during the tour?

Inform our tour guide or travel concierge about the situation and seek a quiet space to allow your family member to self-regulate and calm down.

How can I communicate my family member's needs to your tour guides or travel concierges effectively?

Provide our tour guides or travel concierges with written information about your family member’s needs and preferences. Use communication cards or visual aids if necessary.

Are there any specific destinations better suited for individuals with autism on escorted tours?

Some destinations may be more autism-friendly due to sensory-friendly attractions, accessible facilities, and understanding locals. Research the tour itinerary and destinations beforehand, our ask our travel concierge for assistance.

Can I request specific accommodations, such as dietary preferences, on the escorted tour?

Yes, tour operators, to include Travel is SWELL, often accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions if informed in advance.

What safety measures are in place for individuals with autism during the escorted tour?

Tour guides and travel concierges usually prioritize the safety of all participants, including individuals with autism. They will provide appropriate support during emergencies or drills.

Can I bring medications or medical documentation for my family member on the tour?

Yes, it’s essential to bring necessary medications and relevant medical documentation for your family member’s needs.

Are there any group activities or programs that can help with social interaction during the tour?

Some of our escorted tours include group activities that encourage social interaction and bonding among participants.

Can I request a private or sensory-friendly tour experience?

Yes. Travel is SWELL offers private or customized tours that cater to specific needs, including sensory-friendly experiences. Ask us about available options.

How can I handle changes in the tour itinerary or unexpected disruptions?

Use visual aids to explain the changes to your family member and practice coping strategies to help them adjust to unexpected disruptions.

Can I access resources or support groups for parents of autistic individuals on the escorted tour?

Although escorted tours may not have dedicated support groups, you can still find connections and support within our travel concierge team or among fellow participants. Additionally, we invite you to join our existing support groups or our online community, where you can share your experiences, seek advice, and build a supportive network of like-minded individuals. We are committed to ensuring that your journey is not just an adventure but also a journey of togetherness and understanding.

Can I bring assistive devices, such as mobility aids, on the escorted tour?

Yes, you can bring necessary assistive devices on the escorted tour. Notify the tour operator in advance to ensure they can accommodate these items.

What steps can I take to ensure a successful and enjoyable escorted tour for my family member with autism?

Ensuring a successful and enjoyable escorted tour for your family member with autism requires thoughtful planning and consideration of their specific needs and sensitivities. Here are some steps that you can take to make the journey a positive experience:

  1. Early Communication: Inform us about your family member’s autism and any particular requirements they may have. Early communication allows the us to make necessary accommodations and preparations in advance.

2. Choose an Autism-Friendly Tour Operator: Opt for a tour operator like Travel is SWELL that specializes in autism-friendly travel. Their expertise and understanding of the needs of individuals with autism can greatly enhance the overall experience.

3. Review the Itinerary: Carefully review your tour itinerary to ensure that it aligns with your family member’s interests and sensory preferences. Discuss any potential challenges with us and work together to find suitable alternatives.

4. Prepare for Transitions: Individuals with autism may find transitions challenging. Inform us about any potential difficulties and establish a plan for smooth transitions between activities.

5. Sensory Considerations: Discuss sensory sensitivities with us, and seek arrangements for sensory-friendly activities and accommodations.

6. Visual Supports: Provide visual aids or schedules to help your family member understand the daily routine and upcoming events. This can reduce anxiety and uncertainty.

7. Social Stories: Create social stories or picture-based guides that introduce the tour and its activities. This will help your family member feel more prepared and comfortable during the journey.

8. Pack Familiar Items: Bring along familiar objects, toys, or comfort items that can provide reassurance and comfort during the tour.

9. Medication and Medical Information: Ensure that our travel concierges are aware of any medical needs or special dietary requirements. Bring along necessary medications and relevant medical information.

10. Communication and Support: Stay in close communication with your travel concierge throughout the trip. Share information about your family member’s communication preferences and any signs of distress they may exhibit.

11. Respect Boundaries: Allow your family member space and time for themselves when needed. Respect their boundaries and offer support as required.

12. Participation Flexibility: Understand that some activities may not be suitable for your family member. Be open to adjusting the itinerary to accommodate their comfort and enjoyment.

13. Positive Reinforcement: Offer praise and positive reinforcement during the tour to acknowledge accomplishments and make the experience more rewarding.

14. Engage with Other Participants: Encourage interactions with other participants, which can foster a sense of camaraderie and support.

Are there any trained staff or programs to assist individuals with autism on the escorted tour?

Yes. Our tours are guided by professionally-certified travel concierges to assist individuals with autism. Ask us about about available services.

How can I find escorted and guided tours that offer accessible transportation for individuals with autism?

Search our site for autism-friendly escorted and guided tours.

Can I bring personal snacks or dietary items for my family member with autism on the escorted tour?

Yes, you can bring personal snacks or dietary items for your family member’s comfort and needs during the tour.

What should I do if my family member becomes overwhelmed or anxious during the escorted tour?

Stay calm and supportive, and seek assistance from our tour guide or travel concierge. Find a quiet space for your family member to relax and self-regulate.

Can I communicate with the tour operator about my family member's sensory preferences and triggers?

Yes, it’s essential to communicate your family member’s sensory preferences and triggers to the tour operator in advance. This allows them to plan accordingly and ensure a positive experience.

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