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We have gathered a list of the most frequently asked questions about autism and safari holidays:

How can I communicate my family member's needs to the safari guide effectively?

Provide your travel concierge or safari guide with written information about your family member’s needs and preferences. Use communication cards or visual aids if necessary.

What should I do if my family member experiences sensory overload during the safari?

Inform the safari guide or your travel concierge about the situation and seek a quiet space to allow your family member to self-regulate and calm down.

Can I bring sensory tools or comfort items for my family member on the safari holiday?

Yes, you can bring sensory tools, comfort items, and familiar objects for your family member’s comfort during the safari.

Are there age restrictions or requirements for participating in safari holidays?

Some safaris may have age restrictions or specific requirements. Check with us to ensure the safari is suitable for your family member.

How can I prepare my family member with autism for a safari holiday?

Prepare them by using visual schedules, social stories, and discussing what to expect during the safari. Familiarize them with the safari itinerary and destinations.

Can I request special assistance or accommodations for my family member with autism on the safari holiday?

Yes, our safari operators are willing to accommodate special requests and provide assistance for individuals with autism. It’s best to communicate your needs to us in advance.

What accommodations can I expect on an autism-friendly safari holiday?

Autism-friendly safari holidays may offer smaller group sizes, sensory-friendly activities, access to quiet spaces, and knowledgeable staff trained in autism awareness.

How can I find autism-friendly safari holidays?

Search our website for safari holidays that explicitly mention autism-friendly services, such as trained staff, sensory-friendly activities, and accommodations.

Are safari holidays suitable for individuals with autism?

Yes, safari holidays can be suitable for individuals with autism, especially if the safari operator offers accommodations and support for special needs.

What is an autism-friendly safari holiday?

An autism-friendly safari holiday is a carefully planned and adapted safari experience designed to accommodate the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Can I request specific accommodations, such as dietary preferences, on the safari?

Yes, safari operators often accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions if informed in advance.

What safety measures are in place for individuals with autism during the safari?

Our travel concierges, safari guides and operators usually prioritize the safety of all participants, including individuals with autism. They will provide appropriate support during emergencies or drills.

Can I bring medications or medical documentation for my family member on the safari?

Yes, it’s essential to bring necessary medications and relevant medical documentation for your family member’s needs.

Are there any group activities or programs that can help with social interaction during the safari?

Some of our safari holidays include group activities that encourage social interaction and bonding among participants.

Can I request a private or sensory-friendly safari experience?

Some of our safari operators offer private or customized safaris that cater to specific needs, including sensory-friendly experiences. Ask us about available options.

How can I handle changes in the safari itinerary or unexpected disruptions?

Communicate with your travel concierge for assistance and use visual aids to explain the changes to your family member and practice coping strategies to help them adjust to unexpected disruptions.

Can I access resources or support groups for parents of autistic individuals on the safari?

Check our online community or forums for specific support groups. You can connect with other participants or online to share experiences and advice.

Can I bring assistive devices, such as mobility aids, on the safari?

Yes, you can bring necessary assistive devices on the safari. Notify your travel concierge who will alert the safari operator in advance to ensure they can accommodate these items.

What steps can I take to ensure a successful and enjoyable safari for my family member with autism?

To ensure a successful and enjoyable safari for your family member with autism, we suggest that you:

  1. Research Autism-Friendly Operators: Choose safari operators that offer autism-friendly services such as ours, including trained staff and sensory-friendly activities.
  2. Plan Ahead: Let us create a detailed itinerary and share it with your family member to help them prepare.
  3. Pack Sensory Tools: Bring sensory tools and comfort items, such as noise-canceling headphones or fidget toys.
  4. Communicate Needs: Inform our staff about specific needs and preferences in advance.
  5. Maintain a Routine: Try to keep a familiar routine and schedule during the trip to reduce stress.
  6. Prepare for Transitions: Use visual aids or social stories to help your family member understand and anticipate transitions during the safari.

Are there any trained staff or programs to assist individuals with autism on the safari?

Some safari operators may have trained staff or programs to assist individuals with autism. In addition, our travel concierges also assists our operators with training and familiarization.

How can I find safari holidays that offer accessible transportation for individuals with autism?

Our safari operators offer accessible transportation options and are willing to accommodate your specific needs.

Can I bring personal snacks or dietary items for my family member with autism on the safari?

Yes, you can bring personal snacks or dietary items for your family member’s comfort and needs during the safari.

Can I communicate with the safari operator about my family member's sensory preferences and triggers?

Yes, it’s essential to communicate your family member’s sensory preferences and triggers to your travel concierge who will notify our safari operators in advance. This allows them to plan accordingly and ensure a positive experience.

Can I find safari holidays that offer special programs or activities for individuals with autism?

Some of our safari operators offer special programs or activities designed for individuals with autism. Ask us about available options.

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