Best Honeymoon Destinations

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Best Honeymoon Destinations


Congratulations on your engagement! On behalf of CMTravelonline and Travel is SWELL, we would like to help you plan the most important part of your new lives together – your honeymoon in paradise.

Selecting the right place for your honeymoon vacation is an important part of the wedding planning process that you shouldn’t overlook. Your honeymoon vacation is the time to relax and unwind after the hectic wedding schedule is over. It’s a time that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right location for you. Please feel free to search our booking engine to learn more about our honeymoon destination, and price your dream honeymoon vacation.


Honeymoon Destinations



Las Vegas
Las Vegas is a “desert” location, so it is almost always low in humidity. The most moderate temperature months to visit in are March, April, October, and November. In the summer, it gets very hot. Most people don’t realize that the winters in Las Vegas can get cool, with highs in the 60’s. If you’re planning on doing some sunbathing, you’ll want to avoid the winter months.


Florida offers coast-to-coast fun. From the festive atmosphere of Miami and the Keys, to upscale Palm Beach and Boca Raton, to Walt Disney World in Orlando, to the action in Daytona and Cape Kennedy, to the gentle beaches and great sunsets on the Gulf Coast side. If you plan on visiting Florida in the summer (June through August), plan on warm, humid, and wet weather. The best time of the year to visit Florida is March, April, October and November. These months offer the best temperature/precipitation combination of the year. The climate can vary by region of the state, also. The central area of Florida (Orlando) tends to get much less rain in the month of September than the southern part of the state (Miami). If you’re planning on visiting Florida in the winter and are looking for warm weather, you’ll want to go to the southern part of the state, as the central and northern parts are cooler.  More…..


The best time to visit Mexico for your honeymoon vacation is from the middle part of September through May. This is when the temperatures are the most moderate, and the chance of precipitation is the least. If you enjoy hot weather, go in the summer. The chance of rain is somewhat greater, but generally it comes in brief downpours, and there is still plenty of time to take in all of the activities that you want to. Areas along the coast also tend to have a little higher humidity than other areas. In the winter, be sure to take a light jacket or sweater along, as nights can get chilly.  More…..


The Caribbean offers wonderful temperatures throughout the year, making it an attractive honeymoon vacation option. The official hurricane season is June to November, with the highest frequency of hurricanes occurring from August through October. Winter is an ideal time to visit the Caribbean, as temperatures tend to range in the upper 70’s throughout the region. More…..


Beautiful beaches and hidden coves; world-class hotels; fresh, inventive cuisine; watersports galore; extraordinary natural beauty; and perfect weather make this the ideal honeymoon vacation spot year after year. There really isn’t a bad time to visit Hawaii. The weather in Hawaii is pretty consistent year-round, with winter being a little more cool and wet, but nothing that would ruin any vacation. August and September are the warmest months, with the average temperatures in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. You should always take a light sweater in the evenings, regardless of the time of your visit. In the winter, the average high temperature is in the mid 70’s, making Hawaii a great destination any time of the year for an exciting honeymoon vacation. More…..


The bluest skies and the greenest trees, and the time to notice them, await couples in love in Banff. Enjoy your next vacation amid the French flair and unique history of Quebec City, or discover remote and romantic Jasper tucked away in one of Canada’s mesmerizing National Parks.  More…..


Enjoy the many fine restaurants and beautiful sunsets over the lagoon waters of Tahiti, where unspoiled beaches and tiny villages sweep you up in a vacation paradise! Romance each other in the relaxed atmosphere of the finest resorts in nearby Bora Bora or let the lush valleys and high mountains of Moorea enchant you both. Let’s not forget Australia, Fiji and her outer islands too. More…..


France is a country where romance is a way of life, and a honeymoon in the cities of Paris, Monte Carlo, and Nice ware a great start to living “happily ever after!” The miracle of Italy is that its treasured cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice come packed with mountains, placid lakes, idyllic islands, and walled villages, making them all perfect romantic vacation. Visit the gorgeous beaches and quaint towns of Portugal’s Algarve province for a romantic trip back in time to a place where you can just relax and explore the Old World. More…..


Wildest Places to Party
Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; Jamaica; Bahamas; Florida

The Next Big Thing
Laos; Myanmar; Sri Lanka; Croatia; Namibia; Belize; Chile; Turks & Caicos; Barbados

Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Mexico; Las Vegas; Jamaica; Florida; Dominican Republic

Hot Spots for Adventure
Costa Rica; Alaska; Australia; Belize; Africa

Best Winter Playground
Colorado; Lake Tahoe, California; Switzerland; Canada; Austria

European Flair
France; Italy; Greece; Spain; Turkey

Exotic Destinations
Bali; Thailand; Myanmar; China; Vietnam; Fiji; French Polynesia; Maldives; Seychelles; Australia; New Zealand; India; Dubai; Oman; Turkey: Kenya; Mozambique; Morocco; South Africa; South America

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