Custom-Tailored Tours

Custom-Tailored Tours

Travel Experiences With a Fusion of Style, Wellness, Enlightenment, Love and Leisure


Travel is SWELL Luxury Collection is our unique line of Custom-Tailored Tours which includes sumptuous Culinary Tours, Guided Tours, Escorted Tours, Safari Holidays and Luxury Tented Resort experiences.   With Travel is SWELL Luxury Collection, we can create inspiring, one-of-a-kind travel experiences in more than 60 countries on six continents. Wherever our clients travel, we offer special inclusives and behind-the-scenes access that allows our clients to discover their destination in unmatched authenticity and style.

Travel is SWELL Luxury Collection connects clients with local people and practices that reveal respective destinations from a uniquely personal point of view. When it comes to art and architecture, our clients can’t get enough. Travel is SWELL Luxury Collection also connects clients with local artists for private visits to their studios, or with collectors who take clients on a guided tour of their favorite galleries.  Travel is SWELL Luxury Collection places special emphasis on education that results in greater understanding and the spread of knowledge between guests and hosts.







Vacation Planning & Customized Travel Experiences.

 What We can Create For You.


Travel is SWELL specializes in group travel and customized vacation experiences for the discerning traveler. We are consistently recognized for our expertise, knowledge, service and attention to detail, and our agency’s reputation is highly regarded. Our group travel and custom travel experiences include (but not limited to):

Safari Holidays

We, at Travel is SWELL, believe that a safari should be more than driving through the bush spotting game. A safari should be a combination of cultural and educational experiences, walking through the bush identifying animal tracks and plant life, and driving from the camp in search of ancient migrations. Ask us about our custom-tailored tailored tours that you can book right away, or we can create an itinerary with your interest in mind.

Private Jet Charters & Private Jet Tours

Travel is SWELL now offers you the luxury, comfort, and convenience of private jet charter especially tailored to suit the individual tastes and imperatives of our seasoned traveler.

Weekend Getaways

Ask us about our customizable weekend getaway vacations, city stays (Staycations) and luxury holidays to virtually every major city worldwide.

For More Information:

Contact one of our Travel Designers at 1-888-963-8986 or 1-559-207-0545 or book your vacation online.


Enlightenment: Education that results in understanding and the spread of knowledge acquired by sharing and learning.


This is what Travel is SWELL Collection is all about!


Travel is SWELL provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new skill, theme or idea. In addition, we combine wellness to create a unique experience that includes a variety of activities such as excursions, good meals, local cooking classes, meditation learning, and participation in local communities.

Travel is SWELL works closely with you to build the kind of experience that you’d create if you had the time to pore over online articles, speak with family and colleagues, then track down “friends of friends’ who know someone who once lived somewhere and knows the best restaurant or activity that only the locals know about.

Our Travel is SWELL Collection of Custom Tours are built around specific activities and themes, and are customized to meet and deepen your particular interests. We can arrange adventure travel tours to the Ecuadorian jungle and the mountains of Oman, luxury wine journeys to South Africa and Chile, or a multi-generational family trip for those who want to reconnect on a thrilling safari holiday. Our Travel is SWELL Collection of Tours take you to destinations that will surprise and intrigue you; places with profound natural beauty, enthralling cultures and history, and endless opportunities to indulge and explore in what you care about most – to share knowledge and gain greater insight to what our beautiful planet has to offer.


Share, Learn, Explore, and Discover with Custom-Tailored Tours by Travel is SWELL!  Experience our Custom Tours in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South Pacific and South America.