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General Questions:

How many people constitute a group?
Usually a group is considered 10 or more passengers travelling on the same exact air itinerary, or 10 or more rooms at a hotel, condo, or villa property.

How do I request a group quote?
We provide you with an online request form that captures the most import aspects of your requests such as your group name, your group travel dates, type of group, number of guests traveling (to include children), destination and hotel desired and meeting or function space required, to name a few. Submit your request online now.

We will assign your group to a Groups Specialist and they will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your group in more depth so we can best meet your needs.

What is the turn-around time to receive a quote?
We always contact the hotel sales/group manager to secure availability and group rates, and our response is reliant on our vendor partner’s response time to us. We try to provide quotes within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes 2-3 days.

Is insurance offered on a group?
Yes! We offer a Group Protection Plan which provides 100% refund if cancellation is due to a medical reason, or 75% refund if cancellation is for “any other reason”.

Does everyone in the group need to purchase insurance?
No, insurance is based on a per room basis, so some people may choose to purchase and others may not. We do highly recommend it.

Can Travel is SWELL do the hotel and land components only for a group if we have our own air?
Yes, but there are many advantages if we do the air component, also. We take care of the bookings, and we can coordinate passengers to connect or arrive together on the same flights.


When is the hotel space confirmed?
Once you are ready to make a commitment, we advise the hotel to go to the contract stage.

Do all rooms need to be blocked at the same hotel?
No, since we have a breadth of product, we can block individuals at a variety of accommodations, including condos, hotels, or villas, but care should be taken to ensure that the minimum number of room requirement is met at the host hotel.

Can I add tours or activities?
Yes! We encourage it for every group to enhance their trip, to guarantee the price and availability, and give them something to look forward to do together!

Does everyone in the group have to book the tour?
No, we handle every party within the group as individuals, so some may wish to participate in a tour and others may not.

Does Travel is SWELL offer concessions?
Yes, depending on the size of the group, we will negotiate concessions on your group’s behalf, which may include complimentary nights, upgrades, resort coupons, or breakfast.

What happens if the group doesn’t materialize the amount of rooms booked?
Penalties will be incurred depending on when the block is reduced according to the contract.

If the hotel offers a complimentary room as a concession, is payment made on that room and refunded after travel?
It depends on the hotel and how many room nights are blocked. Many hotels allow the free room to be deducted up-front in their contract, while others require payment in full and refunded after travel, provided the minimum requirements for the concessions are met.

Once the contract is signed for a certain number of nights in the block, what if a guest wants to shorten or lengthen their stay?
We allow flexibility. Most hotel contracts allow the same rate to be used 3 days before and after the main blocked dates, and if a longer stay is desired, we will request the rate to be honored. An addendum to the contract is then requested and sent for your signature.


Does Classic offer air for groups?
Yes! We offer special rates on most major airlines. We can handle if they book as a group of 10+ passengers on the same flight/date, or as individuals coming from various gateways.

When does the air have to be ticketed?
Every airline is different and it will depend on the class of service and type of fare booked. We do recommend booking as early as possible to secure the best rates and the number of seats requested.

What if they don’t know the names/birth dates of the passengers before ticketing is required?
Most airlines are fairly flexible and make exceptions for groups. We would have to obtain approval for extensions.

Are name changes allowed?
Yes, for most hotels and airlines before ticketing, if booked as group air. After ticketing, they are subject to penalties.

Does the deposit payment apply towards final payment?
The airline air deposit does not apply towards the final payment. We send the deposit to the airline and they hold onto it until after travel and a final audit is made, and then it is refunded to Travel is SWELL and to you, less any penalties incurred due to no-show or cancellations.


How is payment handled?
We accept major credit cards, corporate checks or cashier’s check.

How much is the deposit?
The deposit amount varies, and depends on the hotel and air blocked. Some hotels require a percentage and others require a small dollar amount. The airline deposit is usually $50 – 150 pp.

What if the group leader doesn’t want to pay the deposit themselves, will Travel is SWELL allow the individuals attending to pay their share only?
Yes! We understand sometimes it’s difficult for a group leader to secure individual payments directly so we will be as flexible as the group needs, although we would prefer 1 deposit payment, if possible. We will provide a payment spreadsheet where you can gather the payment information to submit to us.


Will I receive documents for my group?
Yes! You have a choice of paper documents or e-documents, whichever you prefer.

Where are the documents sent?
Documents can be mailed to the group leader to distribute or to each individual’s home or office, it is your choice.

Are there change penalties?
No, not usually during the booking process because most groups take time to materialize. However, they will be subject to any hotel and air contract rules. After final payment has been made, they are also subject to the normal $50 pp change penalties. Major reduction of the group can also incur additional cancellation penalties.

When do you need names?
Names are usually due 45 days before departure, although we will try to be flexible depending on the needs of the group and the vendor’s requirements.

How are transfers handled?
We offer shared or private, but we recommend private transfers which would be for your group only. We also can provide car rentals in most destinations.

What is the minimum number of nights required for a group?
This depends on the group and what other components they are purchasing. Three nights are usually required and they can be split among 2 destinations, for example with a pre/post cruise.

Does Elite travel Consulting handle the Food & Beverage functions?
No, we currently only handle the actual travel arrangements. A separate F&B contract is drawn between the group and the hotel. We will provide you with a contact person at the property to coordinate your special event needs. However, we do offer an on site liaison or concierge to assist with the coordination.

For Destination Weddings, does Travel is SWELL reserve the wedding space?
Yes, depending on the location or hotels. If we are not able to, we will provide you the contact information for the wedding coordinator on property to coordinate the details. Most hotels require the wedding date/time be pre-reserved before rooms can be blocked to ensure availability

While You are There:

Do you provide onsite assistance, and at what cost?
Yes we do! At at your request, we can provide a liaison or travel concierge for your group for the entire duration at no extra cost toy your group.


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