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Travel Concierge Service

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Welcome to Autism-Travel-Specialists, where we believe that travel should be accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone, including individuals and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our brand-new Travel Concierge Service (Available in 2025) is designed to make your travel dreams a reality, ensuring each journey is a memorable experience tailored to your unique needs.

Travel is SWELL assigns a travel concierge to every traveling family from tier-2 to tier-5 and all groups.  Furthermore, all our travel concierges are Certified Autism Specialists or accredited Behavior Specialists, therapists, or special educators.  They will assist group leaders or tour operators with incoming or outbound customer requests and provide autism-related services during each tour.

Specially-Trained Staff


Travel is SWELL’s travel concierge team consists of professionally trained guides who are also certified autism specialists:

  • They are available to travel with families holding tier-2 through tier-5 designation.
  • Client may choose this optional service.
  • Travel is SWELL assigns a travel concierge to every traveling family traveling in a group setting.
  • Travel is SWELL travel concierges are Certified Autism Specialists or, Accredited Behavior Specialists.

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Travel Concierge Services Provided

At Travel is SWELL.com, our mission is to make every journey a memorable and enjoyable one. In this guide, we provide comprehensive overviews of how our Autism Travel Concierge services work along with the services provided, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind as you plan your next adventure.  Learn More….


Travel Concierge Service Fees

At Travel is SWELL.com, we believe in transparency when it comes to fees. Our pricing structure is designed to be fair and flexible, allowing you to choose the level of service that best suits your needs and budget. Learn More….


About Travel and Autism

For us, transportation has improved to the point that anybody can get to anywhere in the world in a matter of days. It takes only a few minutes to cross a town and a few short hours to fly from city to city. But for autistic people, accessible transportation is still lacking, and for many, traveling can be difficult or nearly impossible. Learn More….

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Our Travel Experiences

Whether you’re looking at an autism-friendly family resort or a vacation package in an exotic country, our Certified Autism Travel Professionals will guide you with their in-depth knowledge of places that offer multi-generational and autism-friendly fun. So, let’s start exploring.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are dedicated to providing the information and support you need to make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is designed to address common queries and offer guidance on traveling with autism.  Learn More….


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Join Travel is SWELL’s Autism Travel community and explore our Family Travel Preparedness Plans, Autism and Travel news, Challenges with Autism, and get valuable information about autism spectrum disorders. Meet new friends and share in the experience. Join Now.

The Purpose of Our Travel Concierge Service


At Autism-Travel-Specialists, we understand that planning a trip when you or a loved one has ASD can be challenging. That’s why our Travel Concierge Service is here – to simplify your travel experience and make it stress-free and fun. Our dedicated concierge team is made up of experts trained to provide personalized support and guidance throughout your entire journey.

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