Experience Indonesia

Experience Indonesia

From Sumatra, home to Southeast Asia’s largest lake, dense jungles and the orang-utan, Indonesia stretches 5000km to Papua; the largely unexplored eastern province home to the once ‘headhunting’ Asmats, peaceful Dani and breathtaking mountain ranges.Indonesia is as varied as it is unique, from the Hindu-Buddhist monuments of Borobudur to the famous Komodo Dragons, countless deserted beaches and natural wonders grace an archipelago filled with mystique and beauty.

Bali is the jewel in the crown of Indonesia’s 17,000 islands. It is an island where the mystical and magic define everyday life in a paradise framed by sweeping beaches and natural wonders. The rich and intriguing culture is at once enthralling and hypnotic, with the island’s beauty exceeded only by the friendliness of its charming people. Sun drenched beaches and exotic temples, thrilling adventures and world class spas are all within proximity to boutique hotels, resorts and private villas, made famous by their Balinese designs.   Learn More…..

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