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Travel is SWELL To Offer Tours later in 2024

Travel is SWELL is thrilled to present Travel is SWELL, our dedicated travel website tailored to provide distinctive travel opportunities for adults and families affected by Autism. Featuring over 54 global destinations, including within the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, Travel is SWELL is set to deliver uniquely curated, autism-friendly tours and cruises.

Our specialty lies in preparing a program that empowers families to travel confidently, ensuring all their unique needs are met. The initiative aims to make travel experiences enjoyable and stress-free for those impacted by Autism.

Moreover, Travel is SWELL will be introducing custom group travel programs. Each group will be accompanied by a certified Autism Specialist or a Behavior Specialist. We’ve collaborated with Autism on the Seas to offer cruises managed by certified experts, as well as tours to Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

In partnership with Travel is SWELL, we’re inviting Certified Behavior Specialists and Certified Counselors to join us as Autism Group Tour Guides, with complimentary travel. The only requirement is credential verification and a background check. We plan to begin our tours later in fiscal year 2024 or early fiscal year 2025. Interested parties, or those who know someone who might be, are encouraged to reach us via email at info@autismtravelspecialists.com. Further details about Travel is SWELL can be found here on our website.

Travel is SWELL, supported by Travel is SWELL, will comprise a diverse and seasoned team of Certified Autism Specialists (CAS), Certified Autism Travel Professionals (CATP), and passionate volunteers. Our goal is to create tailor-made vacations that expose families to new cultures and lifestyles while ensuring their safety and comfort. We ensure the facilities are approved by their therapists or physicians, arrange optimal flights, and provide staff well-versed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) needs. Our collaborations with Certified Autism Centers like hotel groups, museums, attractions, and 12 Destination Management Companies (DMC) are integral to realizing these unique travel experiences.

As advocates, we aim to raise awareness about the travel needs of families affected by Autism. We are committed to collaborating with global destinations, hotel chains, and destination management companies to provide safe, sensory-friendly, certified travel options. We aim to foster a community where individuals and families can share ideas and connect with others in similar situations. To join us in our mission or for more information, please contact us at info@senzorna.com. We appreciate your support in spreading our message.

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