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Sensory-friendly Vacations

Sensory-friendly Vacations for individuals and Families with Autism

Discover the ultimate in sensory-friendly vacations with Travel is SWELL! Dive into unparalleled deals on all-inclusive escapes, cruise getaways, tranquil beach retreats, and rejuvenating wellness trips tailored for families and adults alike. Experience relaxation without compromise as we prioritize sensory needs, ensuring every moment is tailored to comfort and enjoyment. Call Travel is SWELL today at 1-888-330-7377 to book your perfect sensory-friendly getaway today!


Vacations for Adults

Escape to an oasis of sensory-friendly serenity designed exclusively for adults! Indulge in tranquil retreats and exhilarating adventures tailored to accommodate sensory sensitivities. From serene spas to thrilling excursions, discover a vacation experience that caters to your every need. Book now for an unforgettable getaway where relaxation meets adventure!


All-inclusive Escapes

Discover the ultimate sensory-friendly, all-inclusive escapes! Experience relaxation and adventure tailored for individuals with sensory sensitivities. Our curated destinations ensure comfort and enjoyment for everyone. From serene beaches to enchanting nature escapes, create unforgettable memories with peace of mind. Book now for a vacation that caters to your unique needs!


Beach Retreats

Indulge in sensory-friendly beach vacations designed for ultimate relaxation! Escape to serene shores where tranquility meets accessibility. Our curated destinations cater to sensory sensitivities, offering a serene retreat for all. Immerse yourself in the gentle sounds of the waves and soothing ocean breeze. Book now for an unforgettable beach getaway!


Cruise Getaways

Embark on an extraordinary sensory-friendly cruise adventure! Sail away to stunning destinations with tailored accommodations for sensory sensitivities. Our inclusive cruise experience ensures comfort and relaxation for all passengers. From serene seas to captivating ports of call, create unforgettable memories on a journey designed just for you. Book your sensory-friendly cruise now!


Family Vacations

Embark on a sensational sensory-friendly family vacation! Dive into tailored experiences that cater to every member of the family, ensuring comfort and enjoyment for all. From serene destinations to exciting adventures, create cherished memories together. Book now for a vacation where everyone’s needs are met, making family time truly unforgettable!

Wellness Vacations

Wellness Vacations

Embark on a rejuvenating sensory-friendly wellness retreat! Immerse yourself in serene environments crafted to soothe the senses. From holistic therapies to mindful activities, discover a journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Our curated wellness vacations offer a sanctuary for rejuvenation and inner peace. Book now to nurture your body, mind, and soul.

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Looking to be part of a team that combines a love for travel with a passion for helping individuals with autism? Join Travel is SWELL! Our company provides a supportive environment that fosters growth and connections for our team. We prioritize your development, both personally and professionally, and equip you with the necessary tools to succeed.

At Travel is SWELL, we strive to be the most enjoyable and exceptional platform for booking autism-friendly travel. Our goal is to alleviate stress and create unforgettable experiences for our customers through our unique services and talented team. Join us in our mission to make travel more accessible and less daunting for individuals with autism.




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Wheelchair Users Will Soon Know the Worst Airlines for Travel This month a new federal law goes into effect requiring airlines to declare how many wheelchairs or motorized scooters they damage or lose. This new rule will essentially allow wheelchair users to check a government website to find out which carriers are better or worse […]

Why is practicing mindfulness beneficial to neurodivergent adults?

Why is practicing mindfulness beneficial to neurodivergent adults? – Part 2 Practicing mindfulness can be particularly beneficial to neurodivergent adults for several reasons: Emotional Regulation: Neurodivergent individuals, such as those with autism spectrum disorders or ADHD, may experience heightened emotional responses or difficulty regulating emotions. Mindfulness helps them develop better emotional awareness and self-regulation skills. […]

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What is Travel is SWELL

Travel is SWELL: Pioneering Sensory-Friendly Travel Experiences Travel is SWELL.com is a specialized travel agency committed to offering unique and tailored travel experiences for individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD). Understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by these individuals, our travel agency focuses on creating inclusive, […]

What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness? Part 1 Mindfulness is a practice that involves actively and consciously paying attention to the present moment. It’s about focusing your mind on your thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and the world around you without getting tangled up in judgments or thoughts about the past and future. Here are the key elements of […]

Welcome to Travel is SWELL

Travel is SWELL is a California-based travel agency that provides “Zen-like” travel services and experiences for adults and families impacted by Autism. Travel is SWELL, through its affiliation with Travel is SWELL.com (Its parent Company),  offers uniquely designed autism-friendly tours and cruises to over 30 destinations across the globe with strong foundations in travel within […]

Understanding the Various Types of Learning Disorders

Understanding the Various Types of Learning Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide Learning disorders, often referred to as learning disabilities, are neurological conditions that affect how individuals acquire, process, and retain information. They can manifest in various aspects of learning, from reading and writing to mathematics and auditory processing. Here, we delve into some of the most […]

Understanding the Different Types of Hotels

Navigating Various Types Of Accommodations Navigating Accommodations: Autism-Friendly Hotels, Autism Certified Hotels, and Family-Friendly Hotels   Traveling with a family member on the autism spectrum can be a rewarding experience, but it also presents unique challenges. Finding the right accommodations is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip for everyone involved. In this article, […]

Traveling with Children

An estimated 2.4 million children from the United States travel internationally each year, and the number is increasing. In general, children face most of the same health risks as their parents, but the consequences can be more serious. Some conditions can be difficult to recognize in children, especially in those who aren’t talking yet. If […]

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An estimated 37.5 million people in the United States have a disability. If you have a disability and are considering international travel, a little advance planning, including a pre-travel visit with a travel medicine specialist, can enable you to see the world and return home safe and healthy. Pre-Travel Consultation A travel medicine specialist can […]

Travel is SWELL’s Certified Travel Concierge Services

Empowering Travelers with Autism: Travel is SWELL’s Certified Travel Concierge Services Traveling can be a transformative experience, but for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families, it often comes with unique challenges. Sensory overload, unfamiliar environments, and the need for specialized accommodations can make traditional travel arrangements overwhelming. However, there is a beacon […]


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