Understanding the Acronym for S.W.E.L.L.

Understanding the Acronym for S.W.E.L.L.


Each letter in the acronym represents a unique travel experience. Learn more about our experiences by clicking one of the banners below. If you don’t find what you’re searching for, don’t worry! Give us a call at 1-888-963-8986 or 1-559-207-0545 and one of our Travel Designers will be delighted to assist you.



S = Socialization –Travel is SWELL proactively believes in engaging you, our discerning client, with others socially to enhance your personal experiences.

W = Well-being – Through well-being, we strive to make your vacation more of a holistic experience to enhance your lifestyle through health, happiness and enlightenment.

E = Enlightenment – Enlightenment in Travel allows you to embrace your wanderlust and seek that part of yourself that you don’t know exists. Enlightenment in travel encompasses learning and sharing knowledge with people from other cultures. Travel is SWELL makes this happen.

L = Lifestyle – Our mission is to promote travel to enhance a more desirable lifestyle for you and your group.

L = Love – Encompassing all aspects of romance – from romantic getaways to destination weddings and wedding vow renewals. It also represents the gathering of friends and families to share and bond together in unity and love.

Meaning of the word “Swell”:


(Adjective, Informal):

  • (of things) stylish; elegant: a swell hotel.
  • (of persons) fashionably dressed or socially prominent.
  • first-rate; fine:


Travel is SWELL is all things stylish, elegant and fashionably designed for our clients’ personal pleasure.