7 Days

Let us immerse you in our Spa – and feel the power of the ocean revitalize your body and soul.

4 Days

Fit and Fun with Iberostar Resorts Take Your Vacation and Your Workout Further   Keep up good habits for a healthy and balanced life during your holidays or get started in this passion for fitness with FIT & FUN. This brand new program offers a wide range of activities for you in the gym, in […]


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Achieve a deep sense of peace and relaxation while developing the skills necessary to manage a stressful and hectic lifestyle. This immersion draws on ancient Japanese techniques to enable body and mind to enter a state of deep relaxation.
This Immersion focuses on improving the digestive, lymphatic, elimination and metabolic systems of the body – a transformative program offering a renewed approach to nutrition that remains with you in the long term.
This Immersion guides you to achieve a deep sense of peace and relaxation while developing the skills necessary to manage a stressful lifestyle, calming external stimuli and shifting your focus inward. Guided meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and yoga, and treatments such as Reiki, acupressure and massage are centered on minimising the effects of stress as well as reducing tension and cultivating mindfulness Specialist sessions instruct how to achieve a state of mental calm through mindful movement and meditation classes. Built-up tightness and tension is released through daily specialist and spa treatments that soothe the central nervous system and allow both the body and mind to rest and relax
Approaching weight-loss from a traditional Eastern perspective, this Immersion is designed to help you control and manage your weight in a healthy and holistic manner. Dietary, herbal and spa treatments maximize the effectiveness of the digestive and lymphatic systems. Specialist treatments and movement sessions stimulate the metabolism and the body’s ability to burn fat as well as improve circulation to clear unwanted build-up of fluids
For those seeking to cleanse the body, refresh the mind, and promote a long and healthy life, this Immersion eases the way by gently stimulating the body’s natural cleansing and regenerating processes. Designed to uncover hidden health stressors and provide the antidotes, this Immersion helps improve the digestive, lymphatic, and elimination systems of the body to brighten the eyes, clear the skin, and benefit the organs; leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated Daily spa treatments concentrate on exfoliating the skin, draining the lymph, and releasing tension to relax and renew. Specialist sessions and activities, along with dietary and herbal remedies, focus on promoting circulation and helping your system clear out toxic accumulations that can build up from a busy modern lifestyle
Purifying your system helps prevent disease and facilitates a sense of well-being. This 7-, 14- or 21-day programme eliminates accumulated toxins to attain your ideal dosha balance for improved immunity and the optimum functioning of your body’s systems. Includes personalised Ayurvedic meals, 16/36/54 Ayurvedic sessions and treatments per stay, cultural excursions and daily optional group activities
Harnessing every aspect of Ayurveda’s preventive power to strengthen the Ayurvedic sense organs (skin/eyes/tongue/nose), improve memory and boost physical endurance, this 7-, 14- or 21-day programme is designed to impart renewed youthfulness through purification and revitalisation. Includes personalised Ayurvedic meals, 16/36/54 Ayurvedic sessions and treatments per stay, cultural experiences and daily optional group activities
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