7 days

Beauty and well-being from the beneficial properties of the sea Program inspired by the healing benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle and its natural elements, combining fitness and holistic activities, nutrition guidance, equipment based treatments and manual techniques to help you look and feel your best.

3 days

Thalassotherapy is the basis of our well-being services and has a long tradition. Since ancient times the use of seawater was known as the primary source of purification for the organism. The mineral richness and abundance of oligoelements help to relieve stress and revitalize your body and mind. Our selection of cosmetics and massages, treatments, rituals, facial and body therapies complete the experience with results that can be seen and felt.
Discover the traditional practices in Japanese culture that help to slow the signs of ageing and leave you feeling youthful and revitalised. A holistic path to improved health and beauty, inside and out, this Immersion combines specialist beauty treatments, movement, meditation and nutrition.
Achieve a deep sense of peace and relaxation while developing the skills necessary to manage a stressful and hectic lifestyle. This immersion draws on ancient Japanese techniques to enable body and mind to enter a state of deep relaxation.
Purifying your system helps prevent disease and facilitates a sense of well-being. This 7-, 14- or 21-day programme eliminates accumulated toxins to attain your ideal dosha balance for improved immunity and the optimum functioning of your body’s systems. Includes personalised Ayurvedic meals, 16/36/54 Ayurvedic sessions and treatments per stay, cultural excursions and daily optional group activities
Harnessing every aspect of Ayurveda’s preventive power to strengthen the Ayurvedic sense organs (skin/eyes/tongue/nose), improve memory and boost physical endurance, this 7-, 14- or 21-day programme is designed to impart renewed youthfulness through purification and revitalisation. Includes personalised Ayurvedic meals, 16/36/54 Ayurvedic sessions and treatments per stay, cultural experiences and daily optional group activities
4- to 21-day programs Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘life’, this four-day program serves as an introduction to the concepts of Ayurveda with a complete treatment schedule and a dosha-specific Ayurvedic nutritional plan prescribed by our Ayurvedic physician. Includes three Ayurvedic sessions and treatments per day, cultural excursions and daily optional group activities
Stillness and peace can be found within and tapping into your inner realm allows for clarity of thought, a lightness of spirit and a depth of connection with the natural world. Amanpuri’s Awareness Immersion brings about an internal focus, creating a heightened sense of Self and the opportunity to reconnect. The practices of meditation, yoga and reflection are combined with modalities that encourage inner healing (cranial sacral therapy, reconnective healing and Reiki), those that purify (exfoliation) and those that calm the central nervous system (massage). Initial consultations are followed by two specialist sessions per day, including sessions with Anamai Apaiso. A former Buddhist monk, Anamai is an intuitive guide to the spiritual dimension who has been sharing his profound wisdom for over 30 years. The Immersion also includes daily spa treatments, group sessions and nutritive, liquid-based meals and refreshments
Every system benefits from time out, a break from the rigours of daily life and its possible excesses. Amanpuri’s Cleanse Immersion leaves you invigorated and ready to start afresh, with increased physical capacity and the mental clarity to take on life’s challenges with renewed enthusiasm. Designed to reduce stress and promote self-healing through a return to internal homeostasis, this Immersion helps remove the obstacles to wellness created by emotional eating, bad habits and high-stress lifestyles. The Immersion begins with an in-depth assessment, and includes a raw and liquid nutrition program covering all meals and refreshments with daily health shakes. Every day includes two specialist therapy and movement sessions, group sessions and a 60/90-minute personalized spa treatment focused on clearing stress, promoting circulation and supporting immune and lymphatic functioning.
From the hammams of Morocco to the hot springs of Japan, Aman Wellness offers a journey of reawakening. Across the globe, we integrate local spa rituals with indigenous ingredients, a profoundly therapeutic touch, and a gentle sense of joy and discovery. We believe that reconnecting with your environment and the purity of Nature offers a means to rediscover the universe inside the Self.
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