5 Days

Become one with Bali’s magical energy and gentle nature. Sheltered in a calm bay with three miles of sand, our breezy villas channel an authentic Balinese village. Together with unforgettable views and authentic arts offerings, we bring you a deeper understanding of the island’s stunning landscapes and inimitable culture.

7 Days

Let us immerse you in our Spa – and feel the power of the ocean revitalize your body and soul.

4 Days

Fit and Fun with Iberostar Resorts Take Your Vacation and Your Workout Further   Keep up good habits for a healthy and balanced life during your holidays or get started in this passion for fitness with FIT & FUN. This brand new program offers a wide range of activities for you in the gym, in […]
The Perfect 3-Days Getaway to Discover True Spa Wellness Take a week-end to discover our award-winning SPA and its 1400 sqm of pure relaxation and wellness.
A Medical Supported,holistic approach to Weight Control & Healthy Active Living Using the best techniques from all fields, the Weight Management program offers a multidisciplinary approach for better and longer lasting weight loss and control. Over the course of 2 weeks, guests will receive a complete evaluation from medical experts, personalized programs for nutrition and exercise, sculpting & toning spa treatments as well as the time to rest and re-energize.
The perfect night, starts with the perfect day. Clinique La Prairie’s sophisticated approach to sleep medicine; the symbiosis of advanced medical treatment and holistic wellness.
Our Intense Physical Healing Program to Improve Flexibility and Effectively Treat Injuries Combining effective physical therapy with healing spa treatments, the Better Mobility program offers a 1-week body regeneration. It will satisfy both the needs of patients with specific injuries and those simply willing to improve their mobility. After a complete medical evaluation to identify areas creating discomfort or pain, our specialists create a tailored program including intensive physiotherapy and personal training.
The medical check-up at Clinique La Prairie offers a complete evaluation of your health. This program is intended for patients requiring an in depth check-up or a second medical opinion. Regular check-ups are recommended from your mid-thirties and are part of an optimal prevention program which can help identify and successfully treat disorders at an early stage.
Eliminate toxins, stimulate your longevity and relax Discover our unique Detox program offering an innovative genetic test. A one-week retreat to reset mind & body, eliminate toxins and kickstart a healthier lifestyle
Rebuild your power of regeneration & rediscover a high-performance life. Our most exclusive and renowned program, best in class since 1931, our one week Revitalisation program, has the extraordinary power to regenerate cells and combat the negative effects of aging. This program is developed to restore the body’s ability to regenerate and discover a new sensation of youth and vitality.
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