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Travel is SWELL offers customized journeys to the most exotic travel destinations in Africa, Asia, India, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia and  South Pacific. We have explored every inch of these regions and the countries in them; we’ve wandered their cities, experienced their culture, sampled at their Michelin-starred restaurants (and their tiny street-side vendors), and relaxed at their most spectacular hotels. With over seventeen years of experience in the travel business, we’ve grown to become opinionated travel specialists with a true passion for travel, and we’d love to share our insider knowledge of the world’s most unique travel destinations with you.

Our trips can be short getaways to capital cities, such as New York City, London, Miami, Buenos Aires, or to specific sites, such as Angkor Wat. They can be multi-week treks across a single country or across entire regions, such Patagonia, Central Asia, and other enthralling and exotic travel destinations. No matter where you decide to go, Travel is SWELL ensures an intimate and unique experience that no other company can provide.


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