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Safety Concerns


Travel is SWELL.com has implemented protocols that are aligned with the globally recognized World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Safe Travels standards. Our first priority is always to protect your health, and the health and safety of our local teams. Travel is SWELL.com ensures that you’ll feel confident about your well-being – from the moment you book until you have returned home in safety.

Away From Crowds Approach
In addition to providing our private-guided experiences, Travel is SWELL.com will use an “away from the crowds” approach for entering any attractions and sites. By focusing on off-peak access, we will enable our clients to enjoy key sites and attractions with comfort and ease.

Enhanced Flexibility
With your sensory travel specialist, you have the flexibility to make itinerary changes up to seven days prior to departure. And while you’re traveling, our certified travel concierge can always make changes on the fly to ensure that sightseeing and activities are delivered with your safety, comfort, and preferred pace in mind.

Hand-Picked Hotels
Beyond our always careful selection of hotel partners, we are committed to delivering our guests only to properties that have rolled out comprehensive, elevated standard and administrative services. While most properties do have security programs in place to protect their guests, we work hand-in-hand with each hotel in developing procedures to protect you and your family in case of an emergency as well as when just undergoing ordinary activities such as staying in and leaving your room.

Unbeatable 24/7 support
Rest assured that wherever you’re planning your trip, your sensory travel specialist and certified travel concierge are up to date on the situation on the ground. And during your journey, Travel is SWELL.com’s staff are always available around the clock. They can make changes, answer questions or provide in-the-moment support should you ever require it.

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