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What is Travel is SWELL

Travel is SWELL: Pioneering Sensory-Friendly Travel Experiences

Travel is SWELL.com is a specialized travel agency committed to offering unique and tailored travel experiences for individuals and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD). Understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by these individuals, our travel agency focuses on creating inclusive, sensory-friendly, and accommodating travel itineraries. Our mission is to make travel accessible, enjoyable, and stress-free, allowing individuals with autism and sensory challenges to explore the world with confidence and comfort.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Travel is SWELL is Sensory Inclusive Certified, which enables us to provide a more positive and comfortable experience for all customers, including those with sensory sensitivities. By implementing sensory-friendly practices such as providing sensory tools, designated quiet spaces, and trained staff, our agency ensures that individuals with sensory sensitivities can fully enjoy their travels without feeling overwhelmed or excluded.


Our Services

Individual Assessment Surveys:
We offer personalized surveys which helps to identify each family’s specific ‘Quality Health Score.’ This helps us determine their readiness for travel.

Family Travel Preparedness Programs (FTPP):
We offer a collection of training programs designed to help prepare families for all aspects of future travel, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Financial Assistance:
We provide support to underprivileged families by offering financial means that enables future travel opportunities.

Travel Planning Assistance:
Our travel agency assists families in planning their trips by offering sensory-friendly destinations, hotels, museums, and other sensory-friendly spaces. We also help them determine the best times to travel.

Specially-Designed Guided Tours:
We offer exclusive autism-friendly tours to destinations in Africa, Asia, Australia, the United States, and Latin America. These tours are guided by specially trained and certified travel concierges.

Advocacy Network:
Travel is SWELL promotes autism awareness throughout the United States.

Our Professionally Trained Team

Our highly skilled team includes certified autism specialists, behavior specialists, certified autism travel professionals, registered behavior specialists, and board-certified telepractice specialists.

On-Site Training and Counseling

Travel is SWELL is the only travel agency in America providing on-site training and counseling for families impacted by ASD and other sensory challenges.

Our Mission

Travel is SWELL’s mission is to empower individuals with autism spectrum disorders and sensory processing disorders by enabling them to explore the world and create enriching travel experiences. Our agency aims to establish itself as a prominent provider of specialized travel services, distinguished by comprehensive support, personalized training, and exceptional customer care. We take immense pride in delivering services of the highest quality, guaranteeing the utmost care and attention to their valued customers.

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