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All-Inclusive Adult Vacations

The Ultimate Indulgence with! Step into a world where every detail is crafted for your delight.

When it comes to vacations, everyone wants a break from the ordinary. But for those who desire the best of the best, luxury all-inclusive adult vacations are the gold standard. Travel is offers the most indulgent, all-inclusive resorts that promise unparalleled experiences.


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Couples Resorts

Rediscover one another in a naturally beautiful, personally pampering setting that redefines everything you’ve ever known about an all-inclusive resort. From fine dining with premium brand beverages to imaginative spa treatments to complimentary off-site excursions, you’ll find a wealth of ways to indulge your every desire.


Sandals Resorts

Enjoy the ultimate all-inclusive, romantic luxury getaway at Sandal’s all-inclusive resorts. Plan an adults-only vacation at one of 17 spectacular destinations with Travel is SWELL. Head to Sandals in Antigua, The Bahamas, Barbados, Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica, or St. Lucia. No matter where you go, expect to be amazed!


All-Inclusive Vacations

Travel is SWELL is the right place to turn to, with affordable all-inclusive vacation packages to exotic beachfront destinations! Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, an adventure with friends, or a memorable family vacation, we offer the best got all-inclusive vacation with your name on it.


Adults-only Vacations

Find and book your adults-only vacation with Travel is SWELL. Explore our collection of adults-only resorts and adults-only vacation packages to Cancun, Huatulco, the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Antigua, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Punta Cana, and St. Lucia.

Caribbean Island Tours

Book exciting Caribbean island tours in 13 destinations! Island Routes thrilling outdoor adventure tours will reveal the grandeur of the Caribbean. Experience thrilling Caribbean island excursions for yourself!


Top-6 Most Popular Destinations

Antigua Activities

Barbados Activities

Curacao Activities

Jamaica Activities

St-Lucia Activities



Powered by United Vacations

Embark on a journey of luxury and savings with Travel is, powered by United Vacations. Experience the freedom of booking your vacation for just $250 down, securing your all-inclusive getaway with the flexibility to pay the balance later. Enjoy exclusive perks, unbeatable airfares, and a myriad of destinations and package options. Your escape begins with convenience and affordability. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!  

All-Inclusive Adult Vacations

Escape to a world where indulgence knows no bounds, where luxury all-inclusive vacations become extraordinary experiences. Discover the true meaning of opulence with Travel is SWELL’s all-inclusive adult vacations, where every moment is a testament to unparalleled elegance and refinement. Let us transport you to a realm of unparalleled luxury, where your dreams become reality.   Learn More


All-inclusive Vacations at Sandals Resorts

Sandals all-inclusive resorts are set along the most gorgeous tropical settings and exquisite beaches in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, The Bahamas, Grenada, Barbados and Curaçao. Stay, play, and indulge to your heart’s content at any of Sandals’ Caribbean resorts and experience the best the islands have to offer. No matter which Sandals resort you choose, you’ll be amazed by its lovely accommodations, gourmet dining, and unparalleled service.  Learn More…..


All-inclusive Vacations At Secrets Resorts

Retreat into the romance of an intimately secluded Secrets Resorts & Spas resort tucked away on some of the very best beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean. Enjoy the care-free pampering of Unlimited-Luxury® and get used to nothing but gourmet dining and top-shelf spirits. When you’re ready for an escape from the everyday, Secrets Resorts & Spas is your hideaway and the perfect all-inclusive adult vacation. Learn More…..


All-Inclusive Vacations at El Dorado Resorts

Slow down, savor every moment and celebrate true romance at El Dorado Spa Resorts. Welcome to a Gourmet Inclusive® Mexican paradise where personalized service anticipates your every need, imaginative cuisine takes you on a culinary journey and manicured beaches wash away all of your worries. Indulge in the romantic getaway of a lifetime and fall in love with the real Mexico Experience El Dorado’s all-inclusive adult vacation experience!  Learn More…..

All-Inclusive Destinations

All-Inclusive Destinations

Welcome to our all-inclusive destinations, where luxury, adventure, and relaxation converge in perfect harmony. It’s time to embrace the extraordinary, to let your dreams unfold in destinations crafted exclusively for you. Let us guide you to the pinnacle of luxury and create an experience that transcends your wildest imagination. Your all-inclusive dream awaits. Explore our destinations today!


Fun Activities & Things to do

Explore the vibrant tapestry of Mexico and the Caribbean with an array of captivating tours and activities that will immerse you in these extraordinary destinations’ rich culture, natural wonders, and unique experiences. Explore Now….

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Why Choose Luxury All-Inclusive Vacations?

  • Hassle-Free Experience: No need to fret about hidden costs. Everything from gourmet dining to premium cocktails, specialty experiences, and private excursions are all wrapped into one price.
  • World-Class Amenities: Think infinity pools overlooking pristine beaches, personal butler services, sumptuous spa treatments, and private villas.
  • Culinary Excellence: Gourmet dining experiences that offer a feast not just for your taste buds, but also for your eyes. Discover international cuisines crafted by award-winning chefs.
  • Exclusive Activities: From private yacht cruises to bespoke local excursions, luxury all-inclusive vacations ensure experiences that are a cut above the rest.

Breathless Resorts All-Inclusive

Dreams Resorts, All-Inclusive

Secrets Resorts, All-Inclusive

Zoetry Resorts, All-Inclusive

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